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Q: Lee Williams look-a-like mannequins?

 Hi I'm new here.

I've been Lee's fan for a while but i didn't know this existed. So glad to be here!

anyway...in some interviews, Lee says that back in his model hours, there were mannequins based on him:

"A couple of fashion mannequins were even based on him: "I was a symbol of the times. It was funny walking past Harvey Nichols and seeing myself in a blond wig. I thought, hey - you're the look of the moment!"

(wow! seems like he really was the chic! XD)

Reading the line, i got really really curious. Since i don't live in Europe and was kinda young to understand fashion at that time when Lee worked as a model, i have no idea how it would've looked like! 
Does anyone know or remember how the Lee-based-mannequin looks like? Is there any way i could find the exact or similar 95ish mannequin pix? any ideas for googling? 

i actually kind of did found one mannequin that has a little bit of Lee's look. But it seems like its made in these days. you guys see this and plz give me some comments.! I think  NO! it doesn't look like Lee

and how about this?

NO idea where the mannequin LW mentioned is!

GUYS!  I know this curiosity is kinda silly, but i'm serious!!! Since we are Lee fans, lets find out together :D 
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