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Lee Williams' Showreel

I happened to come across this on youtube.

part1 (6:59) and part2 (5:44)


isabel79's comment made me go looking...
It says at the end of the showreel that his agent is Duncan Millership at, so I went there to investigate. I couldn't find either of them on that site.

Googling mr Millership, I found (gay rumours and) this bit of news from jan 7
Management 360 today internally announced that top UK talent agent Duncan Millership has joined its talent department. Millership, who has served as head of the talent division of United Agents since 2007, will relocate to Los Angeles.

The comment by Sue — January 12 says:
"I noted that United Agents management mentioned that they would still co-represent some clients, could this also mean that some of the people Duncan represents in the UK move with him to LA? Many of his clients moved from PDF to United Agents when they were formed. Let’s hope this may be good news for actors like Richard Armitage who needs some exposure in the American market."
(Is it just a funny coincidence that Richard Armitage was mentioned in that gay rumour thing I saw?)

Maybe Lee is moving to Hollywood?
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